About Britta

Holding many diverse professional and personal experiences, I bring practical application to my coaching and consulting programs worldwide.

Coaching approach

My coaching approach combines proven methods, a wide range of training that I draw from, and lessons learned from my own life’s journey. My personal experience has taught me that without a calling, life can feel meaningless. Yet my journey also showed me that purpose alone isn’t enough. As long as I was trying to live that purpose from a place of unexamined thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical being, I just didn’t have the capacity to fulfill my life’s vision. It was necessary for me to define who I needed to be in order to come from a place of presence and abundance and to bring my larger vision to life. I had to re-learn to connect and listen to my true authentic self and to express it passionately and powerfully.

I help my clients to connect with and live from their core essence, creating clarity and focused action in their lives and businesses. As a catalyst for change and transformation I build a true partnership with my clients and listen deeply, using compassionate and powerful inquiry, to help them bring their wisdom out into the light; I believe we are whole the way we are and that the answers lie within ourselves.
I offer the space to my clients to fully allow and support their explorations and learning, without taking ourselves too serious in the process.

Marketing background information

For more than 25 years I have been working in various marketing roles, both in entrepreneurial and corporate marketing settings, involving marketing communications, building corporate partnerships as well as developing national and international market presence. My strong background in start-up and small business marketing gives me firsthand experience of the unique challenges my clients are encountering of having to wear multiple “hats”, operating with small budgets and having to build brand awareness in a very noisy environment.

Personal background and credentials

I hold a degree in Business Administration and a MA in Latin American Studies, and have extensively studied the fields of personal and professional development for the past two decades that include varied body- and brain-based approaches, intuitive and energy healing, somatic bodywork, as well as studies of spiritual traditions and consciousness practices. I am certified as an executive coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, as a somatics coach from the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, as a Limbic Coaching practitioner from the Palo Alto Institute of Systemic Coachinga in Palo Alto, and a CoreIndividuation Practitioner Level III from the Sacred Anatomy Academy. In addition, I am a teacher of Illuminated Body (Der Erleuchtete Körper), the foundational class of Sacred Anatomy Academy.
I grew up in Germany and lived in France and Spain before coming to the United States, which has allowed me to become well-versed and appreciative of cultural differences while focusing on perennial wisdom shared by all humanity not bound by any borders.


"Spend time reflecting on your emotional and physical existence and how that applies to the voice. You have to apply that wisdom and experience when you sing - it's what comes through." K. D. Lang
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