Frequently Asked Questions

What is somatics?

Somatics originates from the Greek word “soma”, which translates to “the living body in its wholeness”. Our body is the outward manifestation of who we are, what we think, feel, and believe. Somatics is grounded in the belief that innate wisdom lies within our body. When we re-learn how to listen to that wisdom we will come to trust it and be able to express it, both vocally and physically. Working with the personal, social, and spiritual background, linguistic expressions, and emotions that are unique for everyone, we develop intelligence derived from our body’s wisdom that leads to choices and actions that weren’t possible before. It allows us to deeply connect with what we truly care about, to clarify our preferred future, to have more choices to pick from, and to move into skillful action to have our purpose become reality.

What is somatic bodywork?

The Strozzi bodywork is a hands-on, fully clothed process that facilitates sustainable change by breaking up blockages manifested in the body. Somatic bodywork allows us to sense and feel where we are holding ingrained beliefs, thoughts and emotions, to experience how this shows in our physical presence, to be able to verbally express it, and to learn new ways of being in our body that is in alignment with what we want to bring into the world. Our body is a container of our past experiences and who we are in this moment. Every moment we make choices, consciously or unconsciously, about how we are showing up, whether we are present or not, the moods we are experiencing, whether we are open to the opportunities that come our way. Bodywork accelerates our awareness building, lets us take a lead in our own life and make conscious choices about our presence, posture, tone of voice as well as what we say and what we do.

What is my coaching process?

Coaching is based on the belief that the client already has the answers within themselves and that the work of the coach is to support the client to connect to their inner wisdom and to express it authentically, both verbally and with their actions. We already have our seeds buried deep within us and just need to bring them to life fully:

Measure Success

We define specifics that will allow us to assess your success in reaching your goals and calling.

See Posibilities

What is your vision? We explore your potential and create a clear picture of your purpose and preferred future, be it in the personal or professional realm or both.

Set Goals

We determine some concrete milestones that you want to achieve in support of your calling.

Create openings for Change

We build your awareness of who you are today, your behavior patterns and belief systems as well as your physical presence. We then discover how your moods, emotions, thoughts, and actions, both taken and not taken, are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Step fully into your authentic self

We establish practices that connect you to your heart’s wisdom and help you build a larger container within yourself to hold moods, emotions, thoughts, and actions that are aligned with your goals and larger vision for your life.

Throughout the process I will be at your side, intuitively knowing when to readily seed, compassionately weed, gently water and inspire and allowing growth to happen with ease and grace until you stand in full blossom.

How does coaching differ from therapy?

Therapy usually seeks to heal wounds from the past (and in some cases may be complementary to coaching). Coaching on the other hand is focused on discovering new perspectives, skills, and choices to address present challenges and to create a preferred future. Though coaching helps identify holdings from the past, it concentrates on the “what” and “how to” (future) more than the “why” (past).


Recommended books

  • Pamela McLean, Frederic Hudson: LifeLaunch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life
  • Richard Strozzi Heckler: The Leadership Dojo. Build Your Foundation as an Exemplary Leader
  • Julia Cameron: The Artist Way
  • Rosamund and Ben Zander: The Art of Possibility
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