Transformational Business Program

Are you a small business owner, solopreneur, coach or consultant with a compelling vision for your business, but are struggling to get the word out about it? Or do you have lots of marketing activities going on, using all the different channels available to reach your audience and hoping for something to finally stick, yet success remains elusive? Perhaps you are in the early stages of attaining clarity around your business vision and what to do about the marketing of it?

Creating a strategy and finding ways to get your message out is oftentimes just one aspect of the struggle to be successful. You may have an incredible idea, but if you can’t effectively communicate it and make heartfelt connections with your audience they won’t give you their business.

Imagine what it would feel like… if

  • Prospects sought YOU out, instead of you pursuing them
  • Your business values were so aligned with who you are and how you show up that it effortlessly builds trust with your prospects
  • Your message was so clear that prospects are drawn to you as they immediately understand how their needs will be addressed by your offerings

Effective marketing requires you to be grounded and fully present with your customers in order to be able to listen to their concerns and provide them with a clear picture of how you can address their needs.

The Transformational Business Program takes a somatic approach that embraces the wholeness of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being and how that shows up in your business or practice. At the same time it helps you evaluate your current marketing activities, supports you as you develop new strategies and plans where necessary, and assists you in defining your branding in alignment with your authentic self.

Transformational Business leads to accelerated business growth

You will be able to create sustainable change and take effective actions to communicate with highest impact your business’ message to the world. Through conversational inquiry, physical practices and bodywork* you:

  • Open up to new insights and perspectives about yourself, your business and your marketing tactics
  • Build awareness of your current presence and what is holding you back to make your business a greater success
  • Learn to trust your authentic voice and express with confidence your brand
  • Develop a presence that allows you to fulfill on your business goals
  • Gain clarity about your offerings and how customers can benefit from them
  • Create powerful brand attributes that express who you are and what your vision is
  • Identify the best fit of marketing tools and activities for your authentic voice
  • Develop a marketing strategy and plan that fully resonates with your vision
  • Execute your marketing strategy and plan and achieve your goals

Successful business and marketing induces trust in you and your offerings by leveraging marketing best practices tailored to communicate the uniqueness of your brand while having a presence that makes others curious about you and your business and to engage you in a conversation with them to explore the fit of your solution with their needs.

*Available locally only

“Things do not change; we change.” Henry David Thoreau
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