Experience Your Soul Body At Its Brightest

We are larger than we think we are! Are you aware and familiar with your aura? What if you had access to even more of your personal energy, which goes beyond the electro-magnetic aura and is known as the Rainbow Body by the Tibetans? The more we consciously and actively interact with our Soul Body, the greater effect we get and the more we can be in partnership rather than at odds with it. This is where we connect with our true authentic self so we are abundantly alive and live our full potential.

Our Soul Body is intelligent energy and we can interact on different levels with it—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—to address any obstacles and to create transformation without re-traumatization.

Experiencing your Soul Body can help when:

  • You feel physically or emotionally sick and exhausted
  • You feel stuck in your life – reliving Groundhog Day patterns
  • You are tired of doing it all by yourself
  • You know there is more possible in your life, but you don’t know how to get there
  • You want to increase your potential to something that is unfathomable from the place that you are currently at

For helping professionals, healers, and coaches

If you are in any kind of helping profession, you know that your presence, your mastery and your tool-box are your professional assets. As you bring your whole being to the process, you need to keep clear energetic boundaries to not take on any clients’ “stuff” or transfer any of your own energetic debris onto your clients, or else you eventually burn out or become sick. A large part of your job is to keep energetically clean and clear to maintain yourself as a fine-tuned instrument for the transformation you offer to your clients. A conscious relationship with your Soul Body is essential for this.

Are you an empath, sensitive, or highly sensitive person?

Then you have probably developed a number of coping mechanisms that allow you to make it through the day, even if those protective measures keep the world at bay and create huge limitations. Overwhelm and over-stimulation happen when we don’t hold our energetic boundaries and unconsciously merge with other people and our surroundings. Your instinct might be to contract in order to stay safe and feel protected, but what if there is another way? Contraction is contrary to our nature and can’t work in the long run as our true nature is expansive.
Occupying your Soul Body means your sensitivity is no longer running you, you can actually claim your sensitivity as the gift that it is, your essence, to be your brilliant self.

In CoreIndividuation™ sessions we work in partnership where you get the opportunity to build a relationship with your Soul Body and come to fully own it while I facilitate the process and witness you—the most powerful tool in any transformative endeavor. This is a generative practice and the more you consciously interact with your Soul Body, the more you are able to sustain living in your larger energetic structure.

“Each one of us is larger and more brilliant than our physical limitations have made us think we are... This larger self has order and a greater purpose to fulfill. It can be worked with, supported, cleared of excess and healed of trauma.” Desda Zuckerman, CoreIndividuation™
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