“I have been working with Britta for a year and since then I have deeply felt the impact of her work in my life. The capacity she has to coach and guide you to find your own answers and help you walk your own path, are great qualities of her work. She enables you to take the reins of your own life. Britta uses a body-centered approach with standing practices where you become aware of your space and make conscious movements. I use my own body to learn, understand and solve issues that make me stop living my life fully.

She also uses bodywork where you lay down on a table and let yourself get in touch with what comes to your mind on a different level of consciousness. By using some of the “pressure points”, with breathing, thoughts, feelings and sensations, Britta gives you the support for you to make the connections between your feelings and physical constrictions. The table is where I put myself on my own “track”. I have a profound gratitude towards Britta for the experiences and thought-provoking questions that live with me. Thank you!”
-Nicole P.

“Britta has an enormous ability to be present and listen attentively. These skills alone are deeply conducive in the process of finding clarity about where to go and what actions to take next. Her methods and personal style are very valuable into bringing ideas into actions, and this is fundamental when you want to change your life or start a new business. Her work is very supportive in the process of developing a business and defining a marketing strategy, who I want to work with, and how I want to work with them. Her coaching helped me to act in alignment with what is really meaningful to me.

I highly recommend Britta to anyone who wants to be better able to get in touch with themselves, find clarity, or take action towards what they want to create. Also, I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to develop their business communication and marketing; it is much easier when we have someone to keep us on track! And if you are not clear about what you want to create, that is a great place to start and she will be a great guide.”
-Iria S.

“Britta helped me discover who I am today and what I needed to do in order to fulfill both my personal and career needs. I was completely lost and confused as to what paths I should take next in my life. She helped me overcome my fears of moving forward and going after my ultimate dreams. Basically, she helped me to dream big again! And that is a challenge in itself. But, not only to dream big but to go after what I wanted with excitement and hope. The most important thing I learned from working with Britta is how to have self-awareness and what that really means. Without being aware of who you are and what you want in life—it’s very difficult to move forward.

It takes determination and courage to go out of your comfort zone and Britta helped me go out of my zone and into new ones. I highly recommend that if you are seeking for a change but do not know how to do it—perhaps you should venture out and talk with Britta.”
–Cindy L.

“Britta has the unique ability to ask really good questions in such a way that it is easy to answer her honestly. I found her approach disarming, giving me a new perspective on old situations and making my unconscious thinking much more visible to me. She is great at gently introducing new ideas and positive interpretations at just the right time, so that they stick with you. I highly recommend her counsel; especially if you want to tap into your strengths and get your career into overdrive again, like I did.”
–Karla H.