To a new paradigm of change mastery with heart and meaning

Move through any Transition with Certainty from Within

Authentic Connection

Use a professional looking website, newsletters, and other heart-centered marketing to reach your audience


Get comfortable with being center stage as the face of your business and infuse your marketing with the essence of YOU

Marketing Guidance

Receive expert marketing guidance to develop a unique marketing approach filled with your personal energy 


Re-claim your creativity as the foundation of how you live your life and build your business

How Can I Support You?

Classes & Free Webinars

From free webinars full with actionable information to small size classes for a deep dive into your potential – there is something for everyone.

Starter Packages

Get started on your journey towards transformative results. A great way to find out where you are at right now and start living your potential.

In-depth 1-on-1

Are you ready to uplevel yourself and your business to a place of magic? This is intensive co-creation with immediate transformation and results.

About Me

I am on your team! Most of my professional life was spent in start-up environments and one of the exciting things about it is the amount of creativity generated by a committed small team; as solopreneurs we rarely have access to this kind of resource and instead have to do everything ourselves.

When I work with you I establish a space that not only allows your own creativity to be rejuvenated and expanded but also lets us co-create. I serve as your sounding board and brainstorm partner, but also help you translate ideas into actions and offer a process of accountability where needed.

Musings On Marketing And Magic

Featured Resources

Marketing Presence video series


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