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Britta Fischlin

My Story

I spent the first part of my professional life in high-tech marketing, an industry that is known for being at the forefront of innovation and change, including the continuous adaptation of new marketing strategies and techniques.

When I started out on my own, I therefore figured that the last thing I would have to worry about was marketing, since I knew it in my sleep… color me surprised when I found out that marketing someone else’s product is very different from essentially being the product! It was a rude awakening, that made me end up  struggling for several years to understand what was really required of me.

And it wasn’t just me – my marketing consulting clients had similar challenges. No matter how much time, effort, and money they would spend on learning and applying marketing strategies and techniques, the success would fall far short from expectations more often than not.

Any chance I got I would interview successful entrepreneurs – How did they do it? I kept asking the question, but the answers never seemed satisfying: “give talks”, “it’s ALL about video”, “you HAVE to blog”, “you NEED a large email list” – all the standard techniques that 


countless entrepreneurs try and fail with and yet there were a select few that it worked for.

And then, in October 2012, during my somatic coaching certification  training, I finally got what set the successful entrepreneurs apart from those struggling: they had an aliveness, an energetic resonance underlying any marketing action they took that was the critical piece to success.

I realized that it had to do with authenticity – it’s not just the marketing tools we choose to use, it’s the underlying intention, the energetic vibration that we put behind it, that creates the connection with our prospects and ultimately contribute to the business success.

As I continued to explore the somatic and energetic components of business success, I also developed a better understanding of the unique challenges that empaths, intuitives, sensitives, and introverts face when they want to build a business in a world that is geared towards extroverted marketing and sales practices.

Helping empaths, intuitives, sensitives, and introverts to create their own marketing approach that is aligned with their strengths and inherent personal energetic resonance is my passion!


My Values & Beliefs

Invitation to Know Truth for Yourself

I believe that everyone is whole the way they are and that the answers reside within them. My process therefore is not about changing yourself, but rather re-discovering who you are, what makes you feel alive and what is true for YOU.

Generative transformation and business building

Generative transformation and business building creates something beyond what has ever existed before and as we uplevel ourselves and the way we conduct business, we uplevel everyone around us.

Emergence of previously unimaginable potential

We live in exciting times where new ways of being ourselves and connecting with others are available and allow for the emergence of previously unimaginable potential of how we can define and live business success in our own unique way.

Lasting Transformation through Co-Creation

A co-creative process includes deep listening and the use of compassionate and powerful inquiry, which allows you to bring your wisdom into the light and be witnessed to truly anchor the transformation.

My Background

I hold a degree in business management and a MA in Latin American Studies, and have extensively studied the fields of personal and professional development for the past two decades that include varied body- and brain-based approaches, intuitive and energy healing, somatic bodywork, as well as studies of spiritual traditions and consciousness practices.

I am certified as an executive and leadership coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, as a somatics coach from the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, as a Limbic Coaching practitioner from the Palo Alto Institute of Systemic Coaching in Palo Alto, and as a Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine Practitioner Level IV from Your Sacred Anatomy Academy in Novato, California, where I am also certified as a teacher of Illuminated Body, the foundational class of Sacred Anatomy Academy. In addition, I have immersed myself in different modalities of awareness and mindfulness practices, Shamanism, ancient wisdom, and universal principles for the past 25 years, with teachers that include Angeles Arrien, Adyashanti, Thomas Hübl, Wendy Palmer, and Joe Dispenza.

I hold a certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach and I am part of a select group of Elaine Aron‘s HSP-Knowledgeable Professionals.

For more than 25 years I have been working in various marketing roles, both in entrepreneurial and corporate marketing settings, involving marketing communications, building corporate partnerships as well as developing national and international market presence. My strong background in start-up and small business marketing gives me firsthand experience of

the unique challenges my clients are encountering in having to wear multiple “hats”, operating with small budgets and having to build brand awareness in a very noisy environment.

I grew up in Germany and lived in France and Spain before coming to the United States, which has allowed me to become well-versed and appreciative of cultural differences while focusing on the perennial wisdom shared by all humanity not bound by any borders.

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