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Create your own newsletter – for non-techies

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Ongoing Nurturing Connection Is Key

Staying connected with people who have expressed interest in you and your services is a key element of any marketing as a small business owner, coach, or healer. Sending out a recurring newsletter is one of the easiest ways to offer them interesting content and to stay top of mind with them.

Do newsletters still work?

We are all familiar with overflowing email inboxes, so the question of whether sending newsletters still works is very valid. 

Staying connected with people who have expressed interest in your work (called “warm audience” in marketing) is critical to turn them into clients and newsletters are still the best way for it.

Sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter, depending on your audience, is a great way to reinforce your message without being obnoxious.

The key to success is to keep the amount of emails reasonable and, most importantly, to offer fresh and engaging content each time. And, if that means once a quarter for you, than that’s a great rhythm to send our your newsletter!  

Who this class is for:

You have connected with people interested in your work, but you currently don't have any way to stay in touch with them

You want to do some simple marketing and newsletters are a great starting point for you

You have a message you want to bring into the world, but currently you have no way to get it out to people who have shown interest in your work

You have no technical knowledge and the idea of creating a newsletter has seemed way too complicated until now.

This is a course to guide you through creating a simple newsletter using Mailchimp that doesn’t require any technical know-how on your part and yet allows you to put together professional looking content to stay in touch with your audience. The course is designed for entrepreneurs who are looking for step-by-step straightforward instructions.

Why Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a leading marketing automation platform for small business owners. Their platform has integrations with many other tools that you may use to automate your processes. Their product is user friendly and allows you to engage in other marketing activities such as setting up email campaigns.

Here is an example of a newsletter that I created in Mailchimp and emailed to my audience:


The course includes 3 sessions and 1 Q&A call:

Session 1

Overview of the newsletter design process – the different pieces that need to be addressed to create your own newsletter

How to create your Mailchimp account

How to develop the color scheme for your newsletter

Content ideas for your newsletter

Session 2

Mailchimp newsletter tools – deep dive into how it works; step-by-step instructions

Layout of your newsletter: choosing a template

How to use placeholder text for design purposes

Session 3

How to find and use images

How to create a top banner image with text

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA) and how to create one

How to create your mailing list

How to send your newsletter


Bring your questions

Get your newsletter reviewed and receive suggestions based on marketing best practices

Program Details

3 live calls, 90 minutes each

1 live Q&A call, 90 minutes

Course Dates:

See below for a list of upcoming courses

Call times: 9.00 am - 10.30 am PST

Recordings of all calls

Comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions for implementation

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied, you will receive a full refund within 60 days of purchase

Next Course

Course starts July 30

Class dates: July 30, August 6, 13, 20

Course Options

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Purchase the course on its own. 


Course + Session

Purchase the course with a 30-minute private session.

More Details
  • In the 30 minute private session we will address any newsletter questions you may have.


Course + Built for You

Purchase the course with the newsletter template built for you.

More Details
  • Take the course to learn how to search for and edit images, create newsletter content, and distribute your newsletters through Mailchimp.
  • The newsletter template will be built for you: based on your layout preference and color scheme you will have a ready-made template, so you don’t have to worry about any technical aspects of the template design process.
  • You are responsible for supplying images and text content based on course curriculum.


Upcoming Courses

Start Date:

July 30, 2020

Class dates: July 30, August 6, 13, 20

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Course + Session


Course + Built For You


Start Date:

September 10, 2020

Class dates: September 10, 17, 24, October 1

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Course + Session


Course + Built For You


Start Date: October 22, 2020

Class dates: October 22, 29, November 5, 12

Course {Only}


Course + Session


Course + Built For You


This Course is for you if…

you are willing to dive in and create a newsletter to stay in touch with your audience and you would like to make this process really easy for yourself with step-by-step instructions.

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