It’s better to have a simple website than none at all

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Januar 20, 2020

It’s better to have a simple website than no online presence at all

My motto last year was “good enough.” I had decided to make video the focus of my marketing content creation strategy for the year and realized early on that I could easily spend all year fine-tuning every little aspect of the video creation process and procrastinate forever in order to make it perfect before ever posting a single video.

Going with “good enough” made it possible for me to keep publishing new video content. I see the same thing happening for coaches and solopreneurs when it comes to building a website.

Build a website that is „good enough“

There are so many different aspects to consider in order to create a professional website, that we can easily get lost in the perfection game of needing to have everything aligned perfectly before ever taking a single step toward putting a web presence up.

This is where “good enough” comes in handy: you don’t have a logo yet? Maybe you don’t even have a business name? A simple logo of your name is “good enough” to get you started. You don’t have your perfect niche and message defined?

Building your own website can be simple these days

Starting out with what you have, publishing it online and see what resonates with people that you enjoy working with is “good enough” – in fact, it’s better than good enough, because now you are actively engaged in market research and get feedback of what works and what doesn’t versus having everything in your head and going around and around with it.

And, where a few years ago the technical aspect of creating even a simple web presence seemed insurmountable for any non-technical person, these days there are many online tools available that make it possible to put a professional looking website online in a short period of time with minimal technical involvement.

How about you? Are you ready to let “good enough” be your motto when it comes to having a web presence for your business and showing the world your message?

Until next time – be magical!

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