As empath and highly sensitive entrepreneurs we need to tap into our strength

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Oktober 29, 2019

Courage needs continuous nurturing as a business owner

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about shifting your mindset from purely being a coach or practitioner of some kind to claiming an additional role – that of a business owner. If we approach building our practice without the intention of building a business, it is almost impossible to create something sustainable.

As creative entrepreneurs we want to build something original. And often we have several modalities that we want to incorporate into a unique approach. We also have our very own experience that is unlike anyone else’s and it differentiates our offer.

Staying the course despite set-backs takes strength

The process of original offering creation usually takes much longer than we initially think it will at the outset. Staying the course despite any set-backs takes the inner leadership quality of strength.

This strength shows up as courage on your journey to create something truly original despite any self-doubt, expectation of perfection, or judgment by others. It is a quality of being a business owner that requires continuous nurturing, because once we have our unique offer defined, we then need to tap into our courage to go public with it – engaging in some form of marketing action that creates visibility for both ourselves as the face of our business as well as our service offering itself.

Get comfortable with discomfort

One way I have discovered to develop this inner strength is getting comfortable with the discomfort of continuously going beyond what I’m familiar with. When I first started out building a practice, I thought the easiest part would be the marketing, since that had been my previous career.

I quickly realized that I needed to do some personal work and tap into my inner strength, because doing marketing for someone else and BEING the brand are two very different things!

In that process of tapping into my inner strength to step out and be seen, I also discovered that I had to shift my mindset from building a practice to building a business – again, two very different things!

Have you tapped into your inner strength yet to build a business and be the face of it?

Until next time – be magical!

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