How to get clear on your message and pricing as empath or highly sensitive entrepreneur

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Oktober 31, 2019

The Inner Leadership Skill of Clarity

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about shifting your mindset from being a coach, provider of a healing modality or some other service to being a business owner who offers a certain service. In my experience this shift is profound and something many solopreneurs struggle with, because they are excited about offering their services and working with their clients, not running a business.

But in order to create something that is financially viable, we need to develop a certain level of inner leadership. One skill-set of this inner leadership is clarity. The journey towards clarity usually starts by taking a step back and looking at what is truly important to us deep in our heart. What is our “for the sake of what” that we are building a business for? This “for the sake of what” may show up as our vision or mission, or – as conscious entrepreneurs – our soul’s purpose.

Your For the Sake of What Drives Your Marketing Message

The clearer you are about your “for the sake of what”, the easier it then becomes to develop a marketing message that is in alignment with it. This alignment will allow you to feel strongly connected to your message, which helps in a couple of ways: first, it permits you to get focused in your marketing efforts so you can make the most of it with however much time you can dedicate to it.

And secondly, when the going gets tough, a strong connection to your “for the sake of what” will help you pull you forward and re-establish why you do what you do.

How to Determine Pricing for Your Services

The inner leadership quality of clarity is also important when we look at pricing our services. This is typically a really difficult topic for any creative entrepreneur and at the heart of it lies value – how do we value our services? How do we value our expertise and experience? And, most importantly, how do we value ourselves as a human being and a soul?

It’s the value of YOU that really sets you apart from anyone else in your area of expertise. It encompasses your experience and expertise, your gifts and talents, but it also goes beyond that and includes your physical presence, your personality and your soul’s essence, your authentic self.

The more clarity you have around the value of YOU, the easier it gets to charge for your services what feels truly aligned within you and resonates with your ideal clients.

What I discovered for myself is that it is easy for me to fall back into a place of self-doubt if I’m not vigilant and allow set-backs, my own old stories and beliefs, and projections and judgments by others to cloud my clarity. Reconnecting to my “for the sake of what” then is essential to move me forward again.
Are you clear yet on your “for the sake of what” and the value of YOU?

Until next time – be magical!

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