How to create a sustainable business in these fast-changing times

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August 29, 2019

Sustaining our business while quickly evolving personally

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about how to create a sustainable business in these fast-changing times. Change and transformation are “in the air” right now. You can feel it everywhere from the public domain to changes in business and our own personal development of how we see the world and ourselves in it.

We live in exciting times where new ways of being ourselves and connecting with others are available and allow for the emergence of previously unimaginable potential of how we can define and live business success in our own unique way.

The possibility of generative transformation in business

There is now the possibility of generative transformation in business building to create something beyond what has ever existed before and as we uplevel ourselves and the way we conduct business, we uplevel everyone around us.

It does mean that we need to continue to evolve ourselves and our business offering, the value that we offer our clients, our business processes, etc. This can be really challenging when we are already working full-time in, on, and for our business, but it is important to stay relevant.

And at the same time, it’s important not to get caught in some “pitfalls.” For those of us who are engaged in our personal development, we may shift very quickly and change who we are, what we believe in, how we see the world – and with that our business offers may shift: we may grow at such an accelerated pace, that we quickly outpace our offerings and it’s tempting to continually update and change our offerings.

Staying connected to inner essence and “for the sake of what”

My personal experience with this has been that while I’m going through all the personal changes and shifts, it’s been crucial to keep coming back and reminding myself of my true inner essence, my soul’s purpose and my “for the sake of what” that I’m building my business to stay connected to not only myself, but my business, and my clients.

Updating our offer and adding new ones is important for any sustainable business growth, but we need to make sure that we don’t confuse our customers by constantly changing what we are talking about. So, I suggest: Land on something, work with it, even if it is for 6 months and then introduce the next thing, or shift focus. Otherwise you are constantly reinventing the wheel; potential clients won’t have a chance to get to know you and make a decision to work with you while you are already off working on something new.

How are you managing staying connected to your essence in these transformative times?

Until next time – be magical!

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