Awaken Your Illuminated Body

Live as an energetically awakened entrepreneur

Stance of the Conscious Entrepreneur

Learn how to embody the stance of the conscious entrepreneur and dramatically shift, deepen, and up-level your work

A Highly Experiential Workshop

The workshop is highly experiential and includes a day of practice where you learn to apply the energetic boundaries practice

Sensitivity as a Gift

Harness your sensitivity as a strength for you and your business instead of a liability

Energetic Boundaries

Hold clear and compassionate energetic boundaries while working on and in your business


Maintain Energy

Prevent burnout and avoid taking on others' "stuff" while working with clients, networking, etc.


Creativity & Intuition

Access your greater knowing and creative genius


What Will You Learn?

Accelerate the effectiveness and impact of your service and/or practice

Discover why you sometimes get sick or tired, and how to change this

Expand your knowledge of subtle anatomy and energy hygiene

Learn the critical difference between the aura and the soul

Embody a simple technique to awaken your essential presence

Experience a paradigm shift in how you conduct a session

Who Is The Class For?

This program is ideal for experienced coaches, body workers, energy healers, and other empath, intuitive, and sensitive entrepreneurs who are seeking a dramatic shift in their work.

If you are sensitive and sometimes struggle with merging when you work with clients or attend networking events, “taking your work home with you”, or get enmeshed on social media, this class may save your life and your business!

About the Class

Learn how to apply the Illuminated Body Edge Practice in your life to prevent burnout, increase sensitivity without multiplying energetic vulnerability or toxicity and put an end to bad habits of losing boundaries and merging! This is the gold standard of how to live and work as an energetically awakened person.

Developed by Desda Zuckerman, founder of CoreIndividuation™ and author of Your Sacred Anatomy: An Owner’s Guide for the Human Energy Structure, this experience will provide new insight into what it means to be human. The Illuminated Body class is an introduction to long hidden teachings for how to work more consciously with the energy of your Sacred Anatomy. You will learn a cornerstone practice to interact with energy more hygienically while accessing greater precision, and power. You will leave the class competent to use this tool along with simple techniques that will dramatically boost the experience you and your clients have together.

“Taking ownership of the subtle anatomy expands your understanding of who and what you are.”

Desda Zuckerman, CoreIndividuation

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