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Do you find yourself stumped, trying to figure out how to fix something on your website? Do you run into issues with your marketing emails, graphics or other technical details that seem minor, but take on a life of their own since you don’t know how to address them? Do you have questions about different marketing tactics that prevent you from moving forward with their implementation? When it comes to marketing, it’s not unusual to find yourself in the situation where seemingly minor details stall your progress—sometimes for months. The Marketing Clinic is a space where you can not only ask all your questions, but we also do any trouble-shooting where needed in real-time, so you leave the Clinic completely un-stuck and back in flow! 

What You Can Expect from the Marketing Clinic

The Marketing Clinic is a place for small business owners, coaches, therapists, and healing arts professionals who do their own marketing and run into technical and tactical issues along the way, who would like to learn how marketing systems work, and how to get things done more efficiently.

Marketing Clinic Topics

Technical questions using marketing automation software, website, graphics etc

Technical questions may range from how to create a link on your website, edit text, add an image, or place an anchor to creating and editing emails or designing images for your website or social media

Tactical marketing questions about different marketing approaches

Tactical marketing questions address questions on how to implement different tactics, whether it is launching a newsletter, creating email sequences, starting a blog, developing and promoting talks, increasing your presence on social media – anything that is holding you back from getting into action

Marketing Clinic Call Structure

The agenda for each Marketing Clinic call is driven by the questions from the participants

Even if you don't have a specific question to bring forward, participating in the calls will help you get a deeper understanding of technical marketing aspects

Marketing Clinic Considerations

Though I'm not familiar with every single marketing platform available, I can show you how I would go about addressing any issue and - if needed, what questions to ask their support team

The purpose of the Marketing Clinic is to address your technical and practical marketing questions - this is not in-depth marketing consulting.

I offer 1-on-1 marketing guidance options as well as done-for-you marketing services if you need additional help.

Clinic Details

60-minute live video call via Zoom

Recording will be provided to anyone who registers

Max. 10 participants per call

Investment: $25 per call

Email your questions ahead of time or bring them to the call

If you have technical questions, make sure that you have links, log-ins, and any other necessary assets ready and available. You can either privately share log-in details with me or share your desktop with me via Zoom during the call for access to any online platforms.

After registration, you will receive call details with a Zoom link and a form to submit details about the issue you'd like to resolve

Marketing Clinic Dates & Registration

Call date: Thursday, October 7, 2021
Call time: 9am PST

Call date: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Call time: 9am PST

Call date: Thursday, December 2, 2021
Call time: 9am PST

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