Own the Value of YOU and Your Marketing Niche

Business Success For Empaths and Highly Sensitives

3 week Online Class 

L = Luminous

Luminous energy is the foundation of authentic marketing

O = Open-Hearted

When we connect open-heartedly, we use curiosity and flexibility as our guiding marketing principles

V = Valuable

Be confident in the value that you contribute to this world and take a stand for it with your niche

E = Expansive

From a place of expansion embrace co-creation and allow the emergence of your full potential 

Turn Marketing into LOVE:

Marketing is not a four-letter word, but we can turn it into one: LOVE! By owning the value of YOU and your luminous energy as the foundation of your business, you will shift your relationship to marketing and start owning your marketing niche.

During this journey, you’ll:

Connect to your soul's purpose and translate it into your marketing niche

Increase your confidence that you have something valuable to contribute and that you can play in the “extroverted world” on your own terms and be successful with it

Expand awareness of your heart-centeredness and how it can support your marketing success

Discover how to make business magic happen by combining marketing activities with conscious access to the most creative, innovative, inspired part within you

Who is this class for?

Empath, highly sensitive, intuitive, or introvert entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and creatives

You feel overwhelmed just thinking of doing marketing and want to find an approach that works for YOU

You may have spent time educating yourself on different marketing strategies and tactics and despite best efforts are still struggling to attract clients

You recognize that something needs to shift so you can create financial abundance with your business

“Creating long-lasting business success relies on knowledge of our authentic self and the courage to define our own path.”

Britta Fischlin

Program Details

Next class starts: TBD

3 weeks of live online meetings via Zoom

Dates: TBD

Time of live calls: 9am PST

Classes will be recorded and made available to you

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