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Reconnect to Your Creativity

Our inner state of being defines our outer circumstances. And as empaths, sensitives, intuitives, and introverts, we can be highly attuned to our inner experience and how it impacts the outer manifestation, but we may not always know how to shift it so we can truly live our vision and potential. Or, we may have been trained to suppress our inner experience, so that we aren’t “too much” for those around us and now have lost the ability to fully connect with ourselves.

I’m here to support you, whether you want to reconnect with your authentic self, learn how to maintain your energetic boundaries and overcome compassion fatigue, or are ready to take a big step in your business success and allow the magic of YOU to manifest your business success.

How Do I know If This Work is Right For Me?

Are you ready to uplevel yourself and your business and are open to experience unconventional approaches? Then this non-traditional work might just be the next step in your explorations towards your personal best and your business success.

Somatic/body awareness and transformation

All our emotions and old stories are stored in our physical muscle memory. In order to truly shift ourselves and be present, we need to become aware of our somatic holding and relax and release it. My somatic training allows me to guide you back to being fully present in the moment.

Emotions as a source of information

Our emotional responses to seemingly random situations can color our entire life as the information gets stored in our limbic brain and activated when we encounter a similar situation. I use a process to unravel the connection and allow you freedom of emotional experience – the authentic emotions of the moment.

Shifting your mindset effectively

You may have realized that your mindset is a crucial component to your success. And maybe you have worked with affirmations in the past and it didn’t work? Learn how your mindset is tightly connected to your emotions and how you can combine these two to powerfully and effectively shift your mindset.

Connecting to your subtle energy structure

You are so much more than you think you are! Beyond your body, beyond your electro-magnetic aura is your subtle energy body, or soul’s body. By clearing any energetic obstructions, your increased awareness and improved connection with it will put you and your business success on the fast lane. 

Ultimate self-care through energetic boundaries

Do you do all of the self-care that you’ve been told to do – from eating well to exercise, meditation, chakra clearing, you name it – and still feel exhausted at the end of the day? Then this new paradigm of self-care might make all the difference in your life: learn your soul’s most outer boundary and how to maintain awareness of it to keep you feeling energized throughout the day.

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