Feel Vibrant And Energetic

Ready to feel fully alive again?

Recover from Entrepreneurial Compassion Fatigue and Burnout 


Rebuild your resilience to bring your entrepreneurial dream alive

Embrace your strengths

Embrace your strengths as an empath by maintaining your energetic boundaries


Re-claim your creativity as a foundation of your business success

Live Your Potential

Feel alive and vibrant again so you can truly live your potential

Build Your Resilience

Burnout and compassion fatigue for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs usually has a different flavor than corporate burnout. As entrepreneurs, we often live in a constant state of anxiety and stress of satisfying our clients and making it financially. We can experience conflict or guilt when we don’t engage in work, which then gets us into a vicious cycle of not attending to our necessary self-care.

Create awareness of your current situation. You aren't making it up and you aren't too sensitive!

Develop healthy self-care practices that allow you to be fully present for your business

Move to a place of resilience where you have tools at your disposal to deal with the entrepreneurial stresses

Embrace Your Strengths

As an empath, taking in and processing so much information from the outer world can be overwhelming and eventually may lead to real fatigue. There is only so much we can do about the amount of information that comes at us every day, but we do have a choice in how we handle it. Learning about your energetic structure and boundaries is a first step towards embracing your strength.

Practice your energetic boundaries so that you don't merge as easily with others or take on their "stuff"

Re-claim your sensitivity as a true gift, where vulnerability isn't a liability but a strength

Learn techniques to keep your energetic structure clear and strong

Re-claim Your Creativity

One of the signs of burnout is a foggy brain, which directly impacts our creativity – one of our most precious natural gifts as empaths, sensitives, intuitives, and introverts. Whether it is your marketing content or designing creative proposals and most importantly delivering unique and outstanding services to your clients: your success is tied directly to how easily you can connect to this place of pure genius within you, your creativity.

Re-discover having clarity of mind and access to your inner source of inspiration

Increase your flow of ideas on how to market your service and strength to implement them

Expand your capacity to deliver services from your creative genius and grow your referrals accordingly

Live Your Potential

Many of us become a solopreneur or entrepreneur because we are done with the corporate world. Burnout may have been a reason why you left corporate or it may have built up while starting and running your business. Whatever the case, if you have a dream or a mission that you want to bring to life through your business, it is imperative that you be your own personal best. 

Feel vibrant and energetic and bring that energy into your interactions with clients and your business building

Experience your aliveness and presence and use the "magic" of it to attract your clients

Feel the joy of delivering excellent service to your clients and your business successes

The Details

A minimum commitment of 6 months

Develop a practice of maintaining your energetic boundaries

Learn techniques to keep your energetic structure clear

Pre-requisite: You are currently engaged in or willing to commit to a mindfulness or spiritual practice

This does not replace any medical or therapeutic treatment where needed, but rather works in tandem with it by addressing the subtle energy structure

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