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Ready to create visibility FOR your business?

Claim Your Strengths and Define Your Personal Path to Success


Get comfortable with being center stage as the “brand” of your business

Energetic Resonance

You and your energetic resonance are the “secret sauce” to your unique value


Connection Building

Leverage the empath’s strength of deep listening to connect with ideal clients

Claim Your Business

Make the inner shift from practice to owning a business

Reclaim the Key to Success on YOUR Terms

Your Inner State of Being Creates the Magic For Business Success

As an empath and sensitive you have come to recognize that there is more to simply implementing marketing and sales tactics in order to have them be successful. The “secret sauce” is how we show up, our energetic vibration behind those tactics, and what intention we are holding.

The 5 Pillars of Success:

Be comfortable with visibility and your bold message

Consciously use your energetic resonance to attract clients

Shift your marketing and sales mind-set to connection building

Move from practitioner mind-set to business owner mind-set

Develop radical self-care as foundation of your business


As empath, intuitive, sensitive, or introvert we are constantly re-evaluating who we are, what we have to offer and the value our services provide in an ever changing environment. It’s our strength AND it can prevent us from  claiming “expert status” – and doing so with the confidence that creates visibility for our business.

Take a courageous stand for what you believe in - in your own unique, and sometimes quiet, way

Relax into being center stage and the brand of your business, despite your natural inclination to put the focus on your clients

Create a bold message that produces polarization to cut through the noise even if it feels uncomfortable

Energetic Resonance

People purchase our services because of the value we provide. This value is not just based on the actual service or method, but what you personally bring to it. You ARE the “secret sauce”! Prospects not only respond to your personality, expressed through your electro-magnetic field or aura, but also the subtle field beyond it, your soul.

Become comfortable with the idea and start connecting with your subtle field

Learn how to consciously activate your energetic resonance so you can engage more easily with prospects and clients

Increase your resonance to a higher frequency to attract the kind of client you want to work with

Connection Building

By redefining marketing and sales as a process of connection building, we can leverage our strengths as empath: we are deep listeners and therefore not only hear what prospects say they need, but what may be below the surface.  Using specific questions allows prospects to uncover their desires while honoring their sovereignty.

Use the mind-set of connection building as the foundation of your marketing and business development efforts

Focus your marketing communication on what prospects want to experience as a desired outcome

Shift from selling at all cost to determining together with your prospects if your services are the right solution for them

Claim Your Business

We often become self-employed because we love our work and are excited about the transformation that we offer our clients. And, as empaths, we also have a natural tendency to be introspective, which makes us amazing practitioners. However, building a successful business requires an additional mind-set of a business owner.

Courage to create something truly original despite any self-doubt or expectation of perfection

Commitment - daily devotion through showing up, even on those days where it's really difficult

Money mind-set - claiming your financial freedom, become comfortable charging for the value that you provide


The foundation of any successful, service-oriented business is taking responsibility to be our own personal best so that we come from a clear and expanded place when working with our clients. You may have worked hard to fulfill this responsibility, doing a lot of spiritual work, mental & emotional processing and self-development, taking care of your physical body… conscious self-care goes beyond all of that and addresses your subtle energy body – the next paradigm of self-care.

Take all the self-care you have been doing and uplevel it

Discover subtle energy self-care as your next step on your personal journey

Develop a conscious relationship with your larger energy structure

Business Success is an Inside Job

Walking into new territory, such as building a business, brings up things that we might not have come up against before and they need to be addressed on all levels to create outer success: from the physical (e.g. having more vitality), to the emotional (e.g. experiencing more joy and love), mental (e.g. clear mind-set), and spiritual (e.g. tapping into pure resourcefulness and creativity). 

1. From resistance to manifestation

Most solopreneurs go into business to practice their art, to offer their clients amazing experiences and outstanding results. And yet, if we want to be successful as business owners, we will spend a lot of our time and effort on a host of other activities, starting with marketing and sales to administrative tasks. It often creates resistance that comes in all shapes and forms until we shift our mind-set and accept that business success is an inside job and only when we embrace all facets of who we are and what our business requires from us will we enter a space of true manifestation.

2. From self-doubt and fear to confidence

Being a business owner takes incredible courage. Any shadow aspect within ourselves that we haven’t yet dealt with inevitably comes up as a potential stumbling block. The self-doubt and fear that this creates can be truly paralyzing and only our commitment to embrace the fear and build an inner source of confidence can get us beyond and towards business success.  

3. From procrastination and perfection to creation

Oftentimes, our fear is hiding underneath a tendency of perfection, which then can lead to procrastination. When we shift from a commitment of perfection to one of excellence, it frees us up to give our own personal best and to “fail fast” where needed, so that we can try something else. It’s the ultimate art of marketing and a place of ongoing creation.

4. From inconsistency to continuous action

Business, like anything else, thrives when it receives attention. Once we decide to build a business, it is a commitment for continuous action and it can be difficult to honor our commitment with everything else going on in life, especially as empaths, sensitives, intuitives or introverts – we can easily get caught up in our emotions, the lives of our loved ones and clients… you name it. Part of the personal self-care is to keep ourselves energetically clear, so that we are able to continuously take initiative in support of our vision.

5. From overwhelm to grounded energy boundaries

Part of our job as a service provider is to keep ourselves clean and clear so that we can best serve our clients. The more consciously we work, the higher the level of self-care needed: aside from physical and mental “hygiene”, we also need to keep clear energetic boundaries. Lack of energy or overwhelm usually indicates that we are taking on the energy of our clients. Grounded, energetic boundaries mean that we keep ourselves a fine-tuned instrument.

6. From "hate" of marketing & sales to choice

Most entrepreneurs I speak to really don’t like marketing and sales. It seems a “necessary evil” as a business owner and that in itself carries quite a negative charge that any action we may take will be infused with. At some point in our life as a business owner there is a moment of choice: do I want to be successful? And if so, what does that mean with regards to marketing and sales? The successful entrepreneur chooses to become friends with these activities and to consciously make it about the joy of connection building.  

The Details

Are you ready to up-level yourself and your business to a place of magic? In this 1-on-1 engagement we create a space for you that allows immediate transformation and results for you and your business.

After an initial in-depth assessment on where you currently are with regards to the 5 pillars of business magic – visibility, energetic resonance, connection building, claiming your business, and self-care – we decide where to focus first and start the transformational process.

This is for you if you:

  • have realized that the answers for your success are within you
  • have tried marketing “blueprints” without success and are ready to discover and walk your own, unique approach
  • are ready and willing to make a commitment to yourself and your business in support of your life’s vision in a whole new way

The Details:

  • 6, 9, or 12 months options available
  • In-depth assessment at the beginning and at mid-point
  • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions via Zoom
  • Check-in calls
  • Email support in between sessions

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“Business building is a creative process and it requires time, daily devotion, and courage to achieve something truly original.”

Britta Fischlin

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