Corporate Detox: Live Your Life Again Fully 

Ready to reclaim your vitality and creativity?

Recover from corporate stress and re-connect to your innermost core


Rebuild your resilience and leverage it to bring your new dreams alive

Embrace your strengths

Bring all that you are to the table – no more hiding of your authentic Self 


Re-claim your creativity as the foundation of how you live your life and build your business going forward


Feel alive and vibrant again so you can full-heartedly embark on a new path in life

Does Any of This Resonate With You?

You have spent the last few years or even decades in the corporate world and woken up to a reality where that environment has drained your vitality and creativity.

You feel like you've lost touch with who you are at your most inner core, and that the outward success, the monetary compensation, and the high-level position can't offset the personal price any longer.

The disaffection with the corporate world has started you on a journey of self-discovery: who is it that I am now and what parts within me are currently submerged and want to express themselves again?

You have decided to leave the corporate world to strike out on your own, but find that despite your enthusiasm for your new path something within you–whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual–still needs to come fully "on board."

Achieve Clarity

Whether you end up embracing your inner shifts on a personal level and start bringing all of who you are  into your corporate role or decide to leave the corporate world and pursue your new vision as an entrepreneur: clarity on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – is essential.

Remove accumulated stress and replenish your true self

Move from feeling stagnant, constricted, misaligned, and attached to old wounds to feeling empowered and connected to new possibilities

Let go of old life patterns and get clear on your "for the sake of what"

Live Your Potential

Many of us become a solopreneur or entrepreneur because we are done with the corporate world. Burnout may have been a reason why you left corporate or it may have built up while starting and running your business. Whatever the case, if you have a dream or a mission that you want to bring to life through your business, it is imperative that you be your own personal best. 

Feel vibrant and energetic and bring that energy into your interactions with clients and your business building

Experience your aliveness and presence and use the "magic" of it to attract your clients

Be ready to rock your new adventure!

Package Details

3 and 6 months options available

Develop a practice of maintaining your energetic boundaries

Learn techniques to keep your energetic structure clear

Pre-requisite: You are currently engaged in or willing to commit to a mindfulness or spiritual practice

This does not replace any medical or therapeutic treatment where needed, but rather works in tandem with it by addressing the subtle energy structure

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