Marketing Attuned  to Your Unique Voice

Ready to Achieve your Business Goals in an authentic way?

Get customized marketing help that is aligned with you and your business


Enjoy increased visibility for you and your business through engaging and effective marketing

Heart-Centered Marketing

Partner with an expert in heart-centered marketing to design and execute aligned marketing strategies  


Connection Building

Have your website optimized to connect with your ideal clients and guide them to take action

Technical Expertise

Bring marketing and website expertise on board so you can focus on YOUR zone of genius

Fractional Authentic Marketing

With the ongoing introduction of new and disruptive technologies, proliferation of generic marketing content, and changing economic environments, many marketing strategies and plans that used to provide great results are no longer working. If you find yourself in a position of needing to re-invent your business and marketing approach, as an outside sounding board and resource I support you through the transition to fully embrace your authentic voice as path to success:

Tell your story and point of view to stand out above the crowd

Assess your current marketing strategy and assets and make recommendations for improvement

Define your ideal clients, authentic value proposition, and messaging

Design your service offerings, packaging, and pricing

Map out a consistent and effective marketing flow (strategy and plan) that is doable for you or implement it for you

Website Design & Development

Whether you are looking for a website presence that is simply an online one-page calling card or you need a more detailed presence with multiple pages, session booking options, purchase options, integration with your marketing automation platform, etc — I am committed to create a custom design for you that showcases your unique essence to your customers.

New design or re-design of your website using either Mailchimp or WordPress (Divi theme)

We define your goals for your website and the scope of the project

I work with either your existing assets (brand, message, content) or develop it with your help

After final review, your website will go live and I will provide you with a training video on how you can edit text content on your site

Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Using email to stay in touch with current and prospective customers is still one of the best marketing tools available. Based on your requirements, I design landing pages, forms, newsletters, and email campaigns (a series of automated emails) to keep you top of mind with your customers.

Marketing Automation account set-up

Design of landing pages

Creation of lead capture forms

Creation of newsletters or template for you to use

Development of automated email sequences

Video on how to edit your email or landing page content

Let’s Explore Your Options

I love helping small business owners, coaches, therapists, and other healing arts professionals who are making the world a better a place and who are looking for a marketing professional who can help them get the word out about them and their services in an authentic way.

Britta Fischlin marketing servicesAside from done-for-you marketing, I also offer Marketing Guidance where I help you get clarity and design strategies with you that you can then put into action yourself.

If your vision is to work with a friendly marketing expert who is focused on creating business results for you through marketing assets and a web presence that is in alignment with your unique essence, combining marketing expertise with intuition to articulate who you are and what you do, I’d love to talk with you.

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