Find Freedom in Marketing!

Marketing is often experienced as a “necessary evil”. But what if that attitude actually contributes to our difficulties with marketing? I believe that there’s a better approach to marketing: bringing our authentic expression of Self into the process allows us to not only discover freedom and fun in marketing, but also attract the kind of clients who truly resonate with what we have to offer.

Introducing Britta

Britta Fischlin is a Marketing Guide for heart-centered coaches, healing arts professionals and other small business owners. She combines 25 years of business and marketing background in media and high-tech with a deep level of listening, years of coaching, somatic practices, and energy healing and helps small business owners heal their relationship to business, marketing and selling so that they feel comfortable engaging in authentic marketing – finding the freedom and fun in marketing while attracting the clients they most want to work with!


If you would like to have me join you as a speaker for a keynote, breakout or workshop, as a guest for an interview on your podcast, program or social media platform, or collaboration please contact me.

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Speaking Topics

Master Authentic Leadership in Times of Change

Stay True to Your Essence

Britta Fischlin marketing as your soul expression

There are 4 perennial corner stones for authentic and effective leadership and they become essential tools when we are navigating transitions in times of uncertainty.

Utilize your true power by connecting deeply with the essence of your true Self.

Learning Points:

The importance of unveiling and embodying your authenticity in a dynamic environment

How to use the power of open communication to establish trust

Nurture the leader within to build resilience

How to tap into the power of inspiration for yourself and your team

Find Freedom in Your Business Through Authenticity 

Business as Your Soul’s Expression

How we look at the world tends to be how we experience it. The same holds true with our approach to marketing. If we feel uncomfortable with it in any way, that’s what we end up experiencing.

On the other hand, if we embrace our marketing authenticity and engage with joy, we exude an energy that attracts clients and fills our practice. 

Learning Points:

Going beyond the formulas to discover the biggest marketing asset already available to you - what does authentic marketing actually look like

How to find your voice and your authentic marketing expression

How to make business magic happen by combining proven marketing activities with the most creative and inspired part within you

Bridge Your Personal Growth with Your Business Evolution

Reinvent Your Business

Britta Fischlin how to attract clients

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it’s not uncommon to feel a misalignment between your personal growth and the evolution of your business. The person you were when you first started your business is no longer the You of today.

Add in shifting dynamics in the business ecosystem, including changes in client expectations, employee mobility, and market trends, it leaves you grappling for solutions as your business strategies and once-successful marketing tactics no longer feel aligned within AND no longer yield the desired results. It may be time to realign your business.

Learning Points:

Discover the essentials to realign your personal purpose with the vision for your business

What it takes to navigate the impact of a change in direction on everyone who's involved in your business

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