Find Freedom in Marketing!

Marketing is often experienced as a “necessary evil”. But what if that attitude actually contributes to our difficulties with marketing? I believe that there’s a better approach to marketing: bringing our authentic expression of Self into the process allows us to not only discover freedom and fun in marketing, but also attract the kind of clients who truly resonate with what we have to offer.

Introducing Britta

Britta Fischlin is a Marketing Guide for heart-centered coaches, healing arts professionals and other small business owners. She combines 25 years of business and marketing background in media and high-tech with a deep level of listening, years of coaching, somatic practices, and energy healing and helps small business owners heal their relationship to business, marketing and selling so that they feel comfortable engaging in authentic marketing – finding the freedom and fun in marketing while attracting the clients they most want to work with!


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Speaking Topics

Marketing As Your Soul’s Expression

Find Freedom through Authentic Marketing!

Britta Fischlin marketing as your soul expression

How we look at the world tends to be how we experience it. The same holds true with our approach to marketing. If we feel uncomfortable with it in any way, that’s what we end up experiencing.

On the other hand, if we embrace our marketing authenticity and engage with joy, we exude an energy that attracts clients and fills our practice.

Learning Points:

Going beyond the formulas - what does authentic marketing actually look like

How to find your voice and your authentic marketing expression

How to reclaim your marketing freedom and attract more clients

Become A Marketing Minimalist

Let’s be real: we don’t start our own business to do marketing. We want to deliver our services and practice in our zone of genius!

And yet, in order to create visibility for our offer, we have to engage in some form of outreach so people know how to find us.

But it doesn’t have to preoccupy all our time and effort. There are ways to become a marketing minimalist while maximizing the results.

Learning Points:

Discover the 3 essential marketing components necessary for minimalist marketing

How to optimize your marketing activities for maximum benefit

Clarify your business goals to attune your marketing efforts accordingly

The Magic of Attracting the Clients You

Want to Work With

Britta Fischlin how to attract clients

Many of us have spent countless time and effort educating ourselves on different marketing strategies and tactics and despite best efforts we are still struggling to fill our practice. 

And, the harder we push to attract potential clients, the more we actually drive them away – the law of attraction at work.

Why not create a pull towards you instead and start working with people who truly resonate with you? Let’s demystify how to attract the clients you most want to work with.

Learning Points:

Discover the biggest asset for your marketing already available to you

How to make business magic happen by combining proven marketing activities with the most creative and inspired part within you

The Law of Attraction at work: How to move from "push" marketing to "pull" marketing

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