Why building your own website makes sense

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January 23, 2020

why build your own website

Save time and money by building your own website

Why would you build your own simple website? Developing a website the traditional way can be extremely time-consuming and costly. You’ll either spend lots of money on a designer or you spend a lot of time figuring out technical details that have nothing to do with your core business. Faced with these two choices, many solopreneurs give up on the idea of a website altogether and not having a web presence then often becomes a great reason to procrastinate with any other marketing activities.

Building a simple web presence for yourself allows you to get a head start with your business without breaking the bank. The financial impact can be big as an average website design project can run from anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000, depending on your requirements. For many solopreneurs and coaches that kind of a web presence is actually overkill. Especially when you are starting out, a simple yet professional looking brochure-style website is absolutely sufficient.

Get clear about your messaging

There’s another reason though why it can make sense for you to get something simple up yourself: building a larger website means that you really need to be clear on your messaging and all the different offerings that you want to incorporate on your site or else your project will take forever while you are figuring out the content and your designer puts your project on the back-burner.

While you are still in the process of clarifying your message, building a simple site yourself empowers you to continuously tweak your message until it really resonates with both yourself and your ideal clients without having to rely on someone else for every little change.

Have a calling card that provides legitimacy to your business

There is an internal shift within us when we can go out into the world to talk about our services and we are able to point people to our website for reference. It allows you to focus on revenue generating activities with the confidence that you have some online legitimacy through your website.

And, creating your own simple site helps you understand the process of developing a website so that you are well equipped to walk through the process with a designer when the time comes to build a larger web presence for your business.

If you are ready to move forward with a simple and professional-looking website without a huge financial commitment, you might be interested in my upcoming 5 week class where I provide step-by-step instructions to build your brochure-style website – absolutely no technical know-how required: https://brittafischlin.com/build-a-simple-mailchimp-websit…/

Until next time – be magical!

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