Musings on Marketing and Magic

Self-care as basis of delivering our best to our clients

Do you ever consider self-care as basis of delivering your best to your clients? As coaches, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs we are often focused “out there”, but you can harness that sense of responsibility towards your clients for your self-care needs.

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Do you ever think “I just hate marketing my business…”?

Do you ever think “I just hate marketing my business” or “I feel sleazy marketing my business”? When you look at that mindset from an energetic point of view, it carries quite a negative charge that any marketing action we may take will then be infused with.

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What does radical self-care have to do with marketing?

The next paradigm of self-care or radical self-care for empaths is around energetic self-care, which allows us to connect to our intuition, our creativity, and source energies in a completely different way and take our marketing to a new level.

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