How to get out of overwhelm as an empath entrepreneur

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July 9, 2019

From overwhelm to grounded presence as empath

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic are about an aspect of business success being an inside job that I call “going from overwhelm to grounded presence.”

Part of our job as a service provider is to keep ourselves energetically clean and clear so that we can serve our clients from our highest self. Interestingly, what I have found with both myself and my clients is that the more consciously we work, the higher the level of self-care needed: aside from physical and mental “hygiene” such as physical exercise and a positive mindset, there is also an increased need to keep our subtle energy body clear, especially for those of us who are empaths, sensitives, or intuitives. If we start out the day full of energy and vitality and end it exhausted or with a sense of overwhelm, chances are high that we have taken on the energy of others.

Keeping ourselves a fine-tuned instrument

What do I mean by grounded presence? There is a physical aspect to it, a body-felt sensation of being fully present. And there is also a subtle energetic component: grounded presence includes an awareness of our subtle energy body that goes beyond our physical body. Doing our work from the awareness of all that we are allows us to be fully present with our clients while not taking on their “stuff.” Grounded, energetic presence means that we keep ourselves a fine-tuned instrument.

Radical self-care as empath

It is part of what I call “radical self-care.” Upleveling my own self-care to include my subtle energy body has allowed me to increase the number of clients I can serve without feeling exhausted at the end of the day, it allows me to do my marketing and connecting with people without feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day; but most importantly, it continues to uplevel my own sense of being and to deepen the transformative interactions with my clients.

This is one aspect of overwhelm as an empath entrepreneur. In my next post I talk more specifically about overwhelm with marketing

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