How to work on your business and in your business as empath

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August 27, 2019

Self-care is the basis of working in and on our business

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I take a look at how we spend our time as an empath or highly sensitive entrepreneur to be successful. You may have heard about the concept of needing to work both in your business and on your business in order to create something viable.

Working in your business means delivering your services, working with clients – basically your revenue generating activities. Working on your business refers to marketing, sales, administrative tasks etc. Everything that is vital to your business, but not in itself revenue generating. Traditional wisdom says that we need to spend at least half of our time working on our business while working in our business.

Self-care: working FOR our business

As empaths, highly sensitives and introverts, I believe that it is critical to add a third category, which I call “working for your business”, which is self-care in order to sustain working in and on your business. If we are not able to manage our energy and then feel drained or overwhelmed by all the activities, our business will immediately be impacted as we can’t maintain our marketing outreach and even our services might suffer. What I have found absolutely crucial in my own journey as an empathic business owner is to have built-in self-care, a support structure that helps me regenerate QUICKLY on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Overwhelm not only affects us, but also our business

We live in a fast-paced world that is ever increasing in speed, not just in purely practical terms, but there is an acceleration of change and transformation “in the air” that we are all caught up in. As empaths and highly sensitives, we not only have to manage our own potential overwhelm with this accelerated change, but we can also easily take on the stress, fear, and insecurities that our clients and everyone we come in contact with during our marketing activities, is experiencing. If we neglect self-care and can’t be fully present “for” our business, we get into a state of overwhelm that derails not just us personally, but our business too.

A support team is a critical piece to fit self-care into our schedule

Working in our business and on our business already takes a lot of time, so making room to do personal work or self-care for our business can be difficult. What has helped me is to create a support structure of professionals with whose help I’m able to quickly work through any obstacles and limiting beliefs and to rejuvenate myself so that I can be fully present for my business and my clients. Not only is the actual support invaluable to me, but by scheduling appointments I’m creating a self-care structure during my week that I won’t blow off as I’m wont to do if I schedule self-care time by myself.

Just as successful athletes have a support team to be their best and to go beyond expectations, as empath and highly sensitive business owners we can greatly benefit from a support team that helps us stay energetically clear and physically strong so we can be our best for our business.

Whom have you invited to be on your support team?

Until next time – be magical!

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