Focus on value in your marketing: the value of YOU

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September 24, 2019

Focus on the value of YOU in your marketing

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about how we as conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals can best bring all of who we are into our marketing activities.

When marketers advise you to focus on the value that you provide in your marketing messaging, they usually mean the product or service value. When I talk about focusing on your value in your marketing, I actually mean the value of YOU. Each one of us has a unique energetic frequency that is generated by the way our physical being is relating to and expressing our emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. These 4 aspects create a “frequency of you.”

Bringing our soul’s essence into our marketing

When we bring all of who we are into our marketing, we bring not only our skills, expertise, and physical presence into it, we also use our electro-magnetic field, which is often described as charisma. And beyond our personality, we bring our soul’s essence into it, our subtle energetic body. The more I’ve connected with my own subtle energetic body over the years, the more I have created access to a conscious part of myself that allows me to tap into the inner knowingness of my soul with ease. It’s been truly life changing for me.

Infusing our marketing with the full power of our unique essence

Increasingly, I make sure that I come from this expanded place of being whenever I’m engaged in marketing activities, from writing these blog posts to speaking in front of groups and it’s been fascinating to experience how everything flows with so much more ease when I come from this place. It’s an “effortless efforting.”

This expanded way of being in the world allows us empaths and highly sensitive entrepreneurs to bring all of who we are into our marketing without having to worry about overwhelm or taking on the energy of others. Instead, we can bring forth the full power of our unique essence and infuse our marketing actions with it, which allows us to clearly distinguish ourselves from other service providers and it allows our ideal clients to more easily find us as they experience resonance with us and our message.

Have you made a conscious connection with your soul’s body yet?

Until next time – be magical!

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