Our value and how we can convey it in our marketing and messaging

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September 19, 2019

Marketing messaging: the strongest distinction is YOU

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about the value we bring to our customers and how to convey this value in our marketing and our messages. Many times when I talk to conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals, I hear “I don’t know how to differentiate myself. There are so many others doing similar things.”

Method versus value

There are several reasons why marketing professionals tell you not to focus on your methods when you promote your services. One is that people need to have an emotional connection to you and what you have to offer and that doesn’t happen through hearing about your techniques. The second reason is that there ARE many other people out there offering something similar to your methods and techniques. So differentiating yourself by focusing on it is extremely difficult.

Instead, you want to focus on value. There is the value that your services provide, basically the results that your clients will experience when working with you. This is the place where you can build the emotional connection for them between what it is that they are currently dealing with and how that can change by working with you.

The value of YOU

There is also an even deeper value that you offer and that is the value of YOU. Each one of us has an essence that is unique to us. We have an energetic frequency that can’t be copied by anyone. When you tap into this uniqueness and bring it consciously forward in your marketing, competition and comparison becomes meaningless. People choose to work with services providers that they feel a resonance with. The more you embrace and live your own unique resonance, the easier it is for your potential clients to “recognize” you.

Claiming my unique energetic frequency has helped me to make peace with marketing and turn my relationship to it around – I see this as a new marketing paradigm, where we can love marketing as a vehicle to fully express our authentic essence in the world and through that expression attract the attention of our ideal clients.

How do you express your unique essence in your marketing?

Until next time – be magical!

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