How “should” distorts our energetic resonance and impacts our marketing results

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October 10, 2019

The Energy of Marketing

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about how “should” distorts our energetic resonance and impacts our marketing results. Most of us conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals don’t go into business to do marketing and yet all of us either spend a lot of time and effort on doing marketing or we spend that time and energy on thinking that we “should” do it, “should” do more of it, “should” do a different marketing activity that might promise better results… and so it goes.

Have you ever tracked the amount of time you spend on thinking “I should do more marketing” and the amount of time you then feel bad about yourself because you don’t? I have and it’s been a real eye-opener – I’ve spent a staggering amount of my energy on feeling bad about myself because I “haven’t done enough.” And then, when I would spend time on a marketing activity, I would think how much more I could and should be doing. All those potential marketing stones unturned… What a vicious cycle.

I “get” to do marketing

In 2016 I heard John Jacobs, the co-founder of Life is Good, speak at a women’s conference and something he said really struck a chord with me He talked about shifting from “I have to” and “I need to” to “I get to.” So, when I re-evaluated my relationship to marketing a couple of years ago, whenever a thought around “I should do more marketing” would come up for me, I would rephrase it to “I get to do more marketing”, “I get to connect with more people”, and “I get to talk about what I love doing.”

As I kept rephrasing, I could feel myself relax and appreciate more and more that I “got to do” marketing. And with that relaxation, a process of clarification started to happen. My niche and focus got clearer and my personal energetic frequency started to shift. All of a sudden, people where able to truly hear what I had to say, they could “see” me.

I enjoy marketing as connection building

And then a funny thing happened: the more I shared my message with others and found that it resonated, the more I began to have fun with marketing and connecting with others. Eventually it translated into coming from a place of joy when I engaged in marketing activities and that’s when the real magic started to happen where I can now feel my personal energetic resonance being fully in harmony with my marketing message.

There is still that thought of “I should do more” creeping in at times, and so I go back to “I get to do the marketing activities I chose to focus on for now”.

Are you energetically aligned with your marketing yet?

Until next time – be magical!

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