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October 22, 2019

Turn your relationship with marketing into one of LOVE

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about falling in LOVE with marketing. Our mindset and our intentions direct our marketing actions and the impact those actions have. To create the success you want to have with your business, I believe that it is therefore critical to turn your relationship with marketing into one of LOVE: fully owning your value and increasing your awareness of your unique energetic frequency so that your marketing message is infused with it and resonates with your ideal clients.

The value of YOU and your personal energetic frequency is the linchpin of your marketing distinction. This can be broken down into four parts of L.O.V.E. – or LOVE:

L = Your LUMINOUS energetic frequency

L stands for luminous. If we infuse our marketing content and actions with our luminous energetic frequency, our radiance, it will attract the kind of clients that we want to work with. When we are connected to our own luminous energetic frequency, we are tapping into our innate joy. And, doing marketing from this place simply creates magic.

O = OPEN-HEARTED relationship with marketing

O stands for open-hearted. In an open-hearted relationship with marketing we stay connected to the tactics in a way that resonates within us and our clients. Open heartedness allows us to be comfortable with the vulnerability that comes with creating marketing visibility. As empaths and highly sensitives, having strong energetic boundaries make this vulnerability possible without getting into overwhelm.

V = the VALUE of YOU

V stands for value. When we focus on the value that we offer, we create distinct marketing and messaging. Our skills, expertise, and experience are part of this value. But the strongest distinction is the value of YOU: the value of YOU is your soul’s essence, your personal energetic frequency. This frequency is unique and can’t be replicated by anyone. Once you have conscious awareness of this value, marketing becomes much easier as you can focus on what it is that you have to offer, rather than worrying about comparison or judgment.

E = your EXPANSIVE, authentic self in your marketing

Finally, E stands for expansive. When we come from a place of expansion, we bring all of who we are into our marketing – our authentic self: our skills, expertise, and physical presence, but also our soul’s essence. In that expansion we take up our space and we are able to take a stand for our message. And, the more expansive we live the more comfortable we are standing strong for our bold message.

Marketing is not a four-letter word, but we can turn it into one: LOVE! With clarity of the value of YOU and increased awareness of your unique energetic frequency as the foundation of your business you will shift your relationship to marketing and sales and start attracting your ideal clients with more ease.

Upcoming Live Webinar on October 30:

I will hold a live webinar next Wednesday, October 30 at noon Pacific Time about “Falling in LOVE with Marketing”. If you would like to further explore how to bring LOVE – your luminous energetic frequency, open heartedness, value, and expansion – into your marketing, I hope you’ll join me. And, if you can’t make it to the live event, just register here and you will receive the recording.

I have fallen in LOVE with marketing! What about you?

I hope to see you in next week’s webinar. Until then – be magical!

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