Marketing knowledge vs action for empath and highly sensitive entrepreneurs

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October 15, 2019

Moving from marketing knowledge to action is a 3-step process

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about marketing knowledge vs cohesive marketing action. Most solopreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals decide at some point in their journey as a business owner that they need to add some marketing to their busy schedule in order to increase their reach and attract new clients.

Marketing knowledge accumulation

This is typically followed by what I would call “knowledge accumulation” – we sign up for all kinds of marketing newsletters, webinars, podcasts, in-person talks and whatever else comes our way, in the hopes to identify that one “marketing silver bullet”, that one activity that will solve all our marketing woes.

Usually, we end up overloaded on a lot of information of what we COULD be doing. This is then followed by a sense of overwhelm and we either react with a “where do I even start? Well, I’m really busy today, so maybe I will look at it tomorrow, next week, or next month…” or we start doing some random marketing activities, trying to figure out the technicalities of something that just seems like yet another chore.

In either case it creates a certain attitude of “I have to do this,” which, if you have any background in intention setting and getting into a state of flow, you know that it creates a blockage. Our intention of wanting to attract more clients is met by our resistance or reluctance to engage in any marketing activities.

It’s one thing to learn about marketing, acquiring knowledge about it, it’s a whole other thing to be ready to take action.

Step One: Inner alignment of our business and personal wants

I see this as a three step process: first we have to take a look within ourselves and create alignment with our business wants of attracting more clients and our personal wants around engaging in marketing activities. This basically means moving the needle from “I have to do marketing” to “I get to do it” or even “I enjoy doing it. I enjoy building connections.”

This step is critical! If we don’t address whatever prevents us from being in alignment with our business wants, marketing is either not going to happen at all or it has an energy to it that won’t resonate with our ideal clients.

Step Two: Decide on your ONE marketing activity

The second step in the process is to decide on ONE marketing activity to start with. The best way I have found to decide what that one activity will be is to look at all the marketing activities that you are aware of and then feel into yourself and notice which one feels most in alignment with you and your style to connect with others.

Step Three: Take action!

The third step then is to actually put whatever marketing knowledge you currently have into action. I always recommend committing to it for at least 6 months. Especially when we are new to this, there will be a learning curve. When I first started out doing videos, it literally took me a full day to create my first 3 minute video. I now create them in 30 minutes or less and I know there’s still room for improvement.

So, be clear about where you are starting from and have self-compassion as you are learning to put your marketing knowledge into action.

Until next time – be magical!

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