How to do marketing with integrity

Marketing attuned to authentic self
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Britta Fischlin, PCC

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May 6, 2021

How do you engage in marketing with integrity?


I often hear from solopreneurs, coaches, and healing arts professionals that they feel uncomfortable doing any marketing because it feels inauthentic, manipulative, or sleazy to them. And certainly, when you look around, you can come up with all kinds of examples to support that belief.


But that doesn’t mean that you have to participate in it. You can decide your own marketing standards. Some questions you might ask yourself are: what are my intentions when I engage in marketing? What am I willing to do? Where do some of the standard marketing practices go against my inner sense of integrity? And what might be another approach instead that is in sync with my values?


If you fall into this category of wanting to market with integrity then most likely any kind of marketing formula that you learn about will have an aspect that you will need to shift in a way to make it work for YOU. Marketing formulas are almost always built on the personal success someone else had with it. So, you have to adapt their formula to you and your business and make it your own. Or you can learn the marketing basics and create your own personal approach that is fully attuned to your authentic self.


Until next time – be magical!

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