Marketing Visibility Is an Act of Courage

Marketing visibility takes courage
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Britta Fischlin, PCC

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May 13, 2021

Marketing Visibility Is an Act of Courage


Building a business in general requires a lot of courage and if the foundation for the service that you provide is YOU, marketing in particular is not for the faint of heart! As coaches, healers, and creative solopreneurs, we put ourselves out there for everyone to see and potentially be judged. No wonder that marketing is a real hurdle for many of us.


It not only means that we need to learn new marketing strategies and tactics that create visibility for us and our business, but it also means that we need to be strong-hearted within to be comfortable with the exposure and any potential judgment of our services and ourselves that might come our way.


For many of us this is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. I know that’s certainly been true for me. In the process of marketing my business I had to get stronger within. For me that included getting clearer on what it is that I’m standing for. What really is my message? And when I had that defined, I needed to get out of my comfort zone and overcome my “stage fright” – whether it was in front of the camera, in-person talks, or posting content online.


Marketing Courage Comes in Many Flavors

Courage comes in so many flavors: the courage to stay the course even if we don’t experience immediate success; the courage to adjust our offering and message based on the input that we receive from our ideal clients even if we thought we had finally landed on the perfect positioning; the courage to take a bold stand with our marketing message even if we’d rather just fit in with the mainstream; the courage to learn new ways of marketing and, even more courageous, to put these techniques into action; and also the courage to acknowledge to ourselves when we need help and to seek it out.


Marketing For the Sake of What

What these examples demonstrate for me is that business success is an inside job. There are different pathways we can take to tap into the courage needed to build a business, but what they all have in common is that they require us to build up and continuously increase our inner strength. This strength to me is based on inner clarity of my values and a deep, heart-felt connection to my “for the sake of what” I’m doing all of this.


In that process, we start to connect with our true self and the more we tap into our authenticity, the easier it gets to take a bold stand for our offering. We still have to do the work of getting our marketing message out; but when we do it from a place of authenticity, the magic of effortless efforting starts to happen, where we are able to access a state of flow.


Are you allowing your authentic self to show up in your marketing yet?


Until next time – be magical!

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