Creativity as basis for business success

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I will explore what a conscious relationship with our energy body has to do with our success as a business owner. You may be familiar with the aura and chakras and there are actually other subtle anatomical parts such as bones of light and a subtle nervous system that comprise our energy structure or energy body.

Conscious relationship with our larger energy structure

And with just a bit of practice we can start building a conscious relationship with this energy structure. But why should you care to do so as part of your journey towards business success? Our conscious access to our larger energy structure allows us to fully tap into our creativity, the divine creativity that is available to all of us. Any other kind of creativity is just a small fraction of it.

Highest form of creativity attracts clients

Ultimately, building and sustaining a business is all about creativity! It’s about creatively designing our offering and creatively delivering our services; marketing in its highest form is creatively engaging and building connections with people who may be potential clients. If we have conscious access to our subtle energetic structure, we tap into the pure energy of that creativity and we will exponentially build our business.

Building our business using divine creative source energies really moves us from constantly pushing to being in the flow of attracting potential clients. In the marketing world there is a lot of talk about “inbound marketing”, basically using content to get people interested in what we have to offer, engaging them and moving them towards investing in our services. Doing so with a conscious relationship to the larger source energies moves the process to a whole new level.

How do you connect to your creativity as part of your business building?