Radical self-care and marketing success

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic are about what I call “the next paradigm of self-care” or radical self-care. As empaths, we oftentimes have learned a lot of self-care practices, from food to movement, exercise, maybe yoga, meditation – all the way to more subtle things like aura and chakra clearing.

Our larger energetic structure and creativity

Focusing on the subtle level here, you may already work with your aura or with your chakras and they are wonderful access points into the realm of subtle energy self-care, which to me is really the next paradigm of taking responsibility for our well-being. But it is just a small window into the possibilities hidden in our larger subtle energetic structure. Our subtle energy consists of so much more, things such as bones of light, a subtle nervous system, and a subtle elimination system.

If you have a meditation practice or have experienced the effortless flow of creativity, e.g. doing art, you will have spent time in your larger energy structure, whether you are aware of it or not. Meditation is one practice and there are many others to become conscious of this larger energetic structure, which is the gateway to connect to our intuition, our creativity, and source energies in a completely different way, taking everything you have been doing to a new level.

Subtle energy self-care and marketing

And as with any other part of our being, such as our physical body, this energetic structure requires care. A good first step is to learn about your subtle energy system and experience the sense of expansion that is being generated when we enter into a conscious relationship with it.

You may wonder why all of this is important for your marketing and delivery of your services. This expanded way of being allows us to be really clear, completely present, and at our best when we create marketing content or facilitate our process with our clients.

What is your radical self-care practice?