Have you adjusted your self-care to the needs of the 21st century?

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June 22, 2019

Self-care as we relate to thousands of people

Do you ever wonder why learning to manage empathy and sensitivity has become so important these days?

Where in the past we would be exposed to maybe 200 people throughout our life time, we now encounter that many people on any given day – rushing by us on the street, in public transportation, or at the grocery store.

We are constantly relating to 1000s, if not millions of people through social media as we not just see the headlines, but we get first-person accounts from people directly impacted and then everybody else’s reaction and commentary of the latest headlines of suffering, struggle, and trauma.

Energetic boundaries as basis for marketing success

That’s the environment in which we are living, serving our clients, and adding our own -marketing- noise to. Given these 21st century conditions, we need a way to work with our energy in a 21st century way – a new way of relating to ourselves and managing our energy through radical self-care, including energetic boundaries.

How do you manage your energy on a day-to-day basis?

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