Marketing as empath or highly sensitive: how not to take on projections and judgments

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October 17, 2019

Marketing presence without fear of potential negative feedback

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic is how we can create and sustain marketing presence as an empathy or highly sensitive and manage our fear around potential negative feedback to our message.

For empaths, highly sensitives, and intuitives this might just be the hardest part in creating and sustaining marketing presence since we are so attuned to what others feel, their response to us, that we can easily be sucked into their negative resonance or projection and, if we aren’t careful, “buy into it”, which means it becomes our belief about ourselves and our marketing message.

Energetic boundaries are an absolute must-have

This is where energetic boundaries are an absolute must-have. Being aware and holding our own energetic boundaries means that we are able to distinguish between the reaction, projections and negative feedback from others and our own experience.

Maintaining healthy boundaries allows us to make a choice not to tune into that negative reaction and instead focus on the positive response. The positive response will come from people that we truly want to engage with, as they are our potential ideal clients.

Turn the vulnerability of visibility into a strength

What I have found for myself is that the more I’ve been able to hold my own energetic field, my boundaries, it’s become so much easier to distinguish between what is my energy and what is someone else’s and where I take on other people’s stuff. With that distinction I have found that the fear and the vulnerability of marketing visibility actually turned into a strength. It’s not something that I need to be protective of any longer, it’s something that I can leverage – to be my authentic self, to be fully me and what I have to offer, taking a stand for what’s important to me. Being able to be vulnerable in your marketing is extremely powerful! That’s how we make an emotional connection with our ideal clients, which will lead them to invest in our services.

What do YOU do to stay connected to message and not get drawn into any negative reaction or projections?

Until next, be magical!

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