The Vulnerability of Standing Out as an Empath

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic is the second video of the 4-part series on “Creating and Sustaining Marketing Presence as an Empath” and I’m focusing on the question: what does marketing presence actually mean and the vulnerability of standing out.

The Technical Aspect of Marketing Presence

For me, marketing presence consists of 2 elements: first there is the “technical” aspect of marketing – the element that is usually meant by the term marketing presence – which is being engaged in some form of marketing activity to create visibility for your business. This can be anything from public speaking to blog writing, placing Facebook ads or engage on social media. There are many different ways of creating this presence, but what they all have in common is that millions of business owners are engaged in them, so the key to success here is a well-defined niche, a clear message, and consistency in delivery. When I think of niching, I think of it as moving from being a small fish in the ocean to identifying a pond that I’m passionate about and establishing myself as one of the leading fishes there.

Bringing Our Presence into Marketing Presence

Which brings me to the second element that creates marketing presence and that is usually not talked about, which is literally our “presence” – being present, not just with technical marketing activities, but with all that we are, our full authentic self. When we show up authentically in our marketing activities, we distinguish ourselves through our uniqueness and each one of us is unique in who we are, our background, our gifts and talents, expertise and, most importantly, our energetic resonance.

This energetic resonance is what sets us apart from all the other people offering something similar to us and it’s what is making us stand out so that our right clients can find us. But it’s the “standing out” that I see many empaths, sensitives, and introverts struggle with. When we allow our energetic resonance to be fully visible, we simultaneously make ourselves highly vulnerable. And yet, my own experience has been that the more I’ve become comfortable with my own energetic resonance, the better I am to recognize what is mine and what are judgments and projections of others onto me. So, my being vulnerable has turned into a strength, not something I need to be protective of.

Infusing our technical marketing activities in a niche that we are passionate about with this energetic resonance is the real deal of marketing presence.

In the next post of this series on “Creating and Sustaining Marketing Presence as an Empath”, I take a closer look at how to choose marketing tools as an empath. You can also read about visibility and how to sustain marketing presence.

Until then, be magical!