The danger with random acts of marketing

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about the difference between random acts of marketing and cohesive marketing action. It’s something I see many conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals struggle with. We might hear from someone “I have had great success getting new clients using XYZ marketing activity” and then we go and decide to do that activity ourselves, hoping that it will create the same success for us. So, we may place some random Facebook ads, send out the occasional newsletter, connect with some people on social media, and so on. And more often than not, we end up being disappointed, because we don’t get the same results.

The need for a cohesive marketing strategy

What often happens is that the marketing activity that the successful entrepreneur implemented was part of a larger marketing strategy. There is a journey that our ideal clients go through in the process of getting to know us and deciding of whether to invest working with us. If we are not aware of this process, we end up with random acts of marketing that may or may not create the desired results.

The power of infusing your marketing message with your unique essence

And aside from any marketing strategies, plans, and activities, there is also something more subtle at play here. The successful entrepreneur is deeply connected to their marketing message and they infuse any interaction with their ideal clients with that message. And not only do they weave their message throughout their marketing activities for a cohesive marketing presence, they use their own unique essence to make that message come alive and resonate with the ideal clients ready to hear it.

In many ways, you can say that cohesive marketing is intention in action – the intention of our soul’s purpose that we embody through our own unique energetic frequency and that we express through our marketing message with every single marketing activity that we engage in.

Are you infusing your marketing actions with your unique energetic frequency yet?

Until next time – be magical!