The energy of marketing and resistance

Continuing with the theme of business success as an inside job, in these musings on marketing and magic I’m focusing on turning resistance into manifestation.

If you have been around for a while, you know that building a business is not just about what we love to do–which is practicing our methods, tools, and healing arts, working with people and supporting them. What got us into starting a business is often the passion that we have for the services that we offer and that we want to share with the world because we know how powerful they can be for the right clients.

We didn’t go into business to do marketing

But there is another side to create a financially viable business out of our passion and that side is often met with resistance: we didn’t go into business to do accounting, we didn’t go into business to spend countless hours on marketing, and we didn’t go into business to have uncomfortable sales conversations.

This resistance is something that I often encounter with my clients and that I have dealt with myself. Like so many of my clients, I didn’t go into business because I wanted to market myself – I wanted to support others. And even though I have a background in marketing, I had to find out that doing it for my own services is a whole different thing and something I didn’t really enjoy to begin with. It took me a long time to finally embrace it as part of being in business.

The energetic frequency of resistance

Resistance has an energetic frequency to it that pushes things away from us. It makes it hard for us to manifest. Marketing takes a lot of work and pushing to get things done from a place of resistance rather than allowing the flow of manifestation makes it that much harder.

In order to manifest from a state of flow, I needed to look at what I was resisting and for me it was the discomfort of being seen. It took many forms, e.g. I resisted to be seen on social media and the idea of having content “out there” that would be available for eternity for anyone to find completely blocked me.

How does this resistance show up for you?