Authentic marketing for empaths: from self-doubt to clarity

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August 8, 2019

From Self-Doubt to Clarity through Heart Centered Marketing

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic is about clear-heartedness as part of our heart centered marketing approach. Clear-heartedness means that we have access to the wisdom of our heart, not just our mind. It lies at the core of any heart centered business as it allows us to build our business from a place of integrity. This integrity encompasses being clear about our values and principles that we want to embody through our business, so that we don’t fall victim to circumstances.

The opposite of clear-heartedness is the doubting heart, which carries confusion, second-guessing, doubt, fear, and anxiety. This is particularly hard for solopreneurs, because we are completely on our own with all the decisions that need to be made: not only do we have to develop our own unique product or service, we need to define our audience, learn about marketing, sales, accounting… the list goes on and on.

If you are building something original, it will take time

Unless you open a franchise of an already established business, you are building something original and that process of learning different techniques and methods, trying them out on courageous “beta clients”, creating our own unique approach and style from all of that and then diving into the business building aspect of defining who is this service for, what message attracts that ideal audience and what marketing tools are the best to reach them inevitably takes much, much longer than we think it should.

Not only does the process usually take much longer than most of us originally think and plan for, but it usually includes phases of confusion, second-guessing, doubt, fear, and anxiety. We wonder if we are on the right path, whether we’ve got what it takes, whether we can actually create financial success for ourselves and so on.

Staying connected to our values and principles creates clarity

Only if we are able to connect over and over to our values and principles as lights shining our way through the darker patches do we actually have the resolve to stay with it and to come out with an offer that feels authentic and clear.

Any development of a heart centered business therefore starts with clear-heartedness – defining your values and principles. They inform everything else, starting from our offer to our ideal audience, our bold message, and the marketing tools that we use.

Are you clear on what your values and principles are?

Until next time – be magical!

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