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August 6, 2019

The Courage of a Bold Message in Heart Centered Marketing

Today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic is about the courage of heart centered marketing and business. Strong-heartedness is about having the courage to be all of who we are, the courage to be authentic. The word “courage” derives from the Latin word “cor”, which translates to “heart.” When you look at it etymologically it means “the ability to stand by one’s heart, or to stand by one’s core.”

Courage can show up as being in a place that feels really uncomfortable – and for most of us empath and introvert solopreneurs, coaches, and healers, marketing oftentimes feels really uncomfortable! Tapping constantly into that courage and allowing ourselves to feel the fear without letting it run us lies at the heart of being a business owner.

Bringing Your Marketing Message into the Limelight

But there is one thing above all else that defines courage in marketing when you are an empath or introvert and that is to take a bold stand with your messaging. Many empaths and introverts prefer to stay in the background. So, taking a stand and putting ourselves into the limelight can be a real challenge.

The characteristic of a good bold marketing message is its potential for polarization. When we are sensitive, we have a deep inner knowingness how hurtful words can be and so we tend to be extremely careful how we phrase anything.

Taking a Stand for Your Bold Message

When I fully embraced my niche of empath and introvert entrepreneurs, I got immediately tested: I was offered the opportunity to talk to a group about marketing presence and I included the word “introvert” in my title for the talk.

The meeting organizer felt offended by it and afraid that participants would feel “outed.” What was most interesting to me was my own reaction to that. After my initial knee-jerk reaction of “well then, I’m just not going to talk there”, I went into my larger soul structure and realized that if I had the opportunity to reach just one person in that audience, I would let them down by not showing up and taking a stand for my message that people CAN have a strong marketing presence no matter their personality preferences and that we are at choice of how we do it, so that we are in alignment within ourselves.

If we have difficulty tapping into our strong-heartedness, our courage, we end up being conflict avoidant and trying to appease others. Translated into business and marketing, that means that we avoid defining our niche and taking a stand for our message – we try to be everything to everybody. It feels inclusive and expansive and yet, what usually happens is that NOONE can really figure out what we do – what we stand for – and we end up lacking in clients.

What is your bold message?

Until next time – be magical!

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