How to attract clients with your luminous energetic resonance

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Britta Fischlin, PCC

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September 12, 2019

A new marketing paradigm for conscious entrepreneurs

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I am talking about the foundation of a new marketing paradigm, which is our luminous energetic resonance. The higher our own unique energetic frequency, the easier it is for us to attract clients who have a compatible high frequency, clients who are fun to work with.

Most solopreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals I talk to don’t enjoy doing marketing. And I get it – most of us don’t go into business to do marketing. We want to serve our clients with our methods and processes. But marketing and sales is a “fact of life” for a business owner. Somehow, word needs to get out about our services and it’s essential to allow potential clients to invest in themselves by purchasing our services.

Infuse your marketing with your luminous energetic resonance

Whether you decide to trust that word of mouth gets out for enough people to be attracted to call you or you take a more pro-active approach by doing some form of marketing in person, online, or both, they are all marketing strategies. And, whatever marketing strategy you are currently pursuing, the more it is infused with your luminous energetic resonance, the more successful it will be.

Fall in love with marketing

When I talk about a new marketing paradigm, I’m really talking about falling in love with marketing! Instead of dreading it, how would it feel to shift your relationship to it and focus on the joy and fun of connecting with others?

It’s so easy to get caught in the day-to-day marketing tasks: writing content, developing a talk, providing a bio here, posting something on social media there – it can get quickly overwhelming if we don’t have clearly defined marketing priorities. I find myself getting into long lists at times and then this feeling of “so much marketing to do, so little time…” in those moments it takes a real effort for me to step away from it all and to take a time out of my busy schedule to just reconnect with my luminous energetic resonance. But what I have found is when I do that and I choose one of the marketing activities that feel truly aligned in that moment to connect with my tribe, things start to flow with ease and, even more importantly, I’m fully engaged and even having fun with it!

What is luminous energetic resonance?

What is this luminous energetic resonance? It’s our soul’s energy, our soul’s essence that we can build a conscious relationship with. It allows us to be connected to our authentic self on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level and to bring all of who we are, our innate joy, into everything we do, including our marketing.

Falling in love with marketing is just one area where our luminous energetic resonance plays an important role, but it is critical for our business success.

How do you bring more love into your marketing?

Until next time – be magical!

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