The 4 step marketing process for conscious entrepreneurs

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September 10, 2019

Connect with your increasingly conscious clients

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about the marketing process for conscious entrepreneurs. I often encounter misconceptions about marketing and I see many conscious solopreneurs, coaches, and healing professionals struggle with creating successful marketing because they aren’t familiar with the purchase decision process their increasingly conscious ideal clients are going through.

One misconception is that I don’t need a marketing strategy or understand the buyer’s journey, as long as I just do “something.” This is where entrepreneurs get frustrated, because they are spending time on marketing and yet it doesn’t seem to pay off. What they are usually doing is staying with the first step, which is awareness building. That also fits with another misconception of “I only need to do one marketing activity and that will get people so excited that they sign up for my services without delay.”

The first step is awareness building

Ever since I started creating blog posts and videos, I’ve been getting the question “so, how many clients have signed up yet?” and I find myself educating that blogs, videos, podcasts, talks etc are great tools for awareness building. Their purpose isn’t to sign up new clients. And yes, if a new client decides to work with me because they watched one or more of my videos – awesome! But the real purpose is creating visibility, the first step in catching people’s attention.

Deepen the connection with your tribe

Once people have had a first impression and they find value in what it is you are sharing, they will want to stay in touch and learn more about what you have to say, e.g. they will join your mailing list. So, the second step is to keep people excited about your content and ever more familiar with you, your message, and how it might apply to their experience.

The third step then is about increasing the connection with your audience. A marketing activity that will allow people to get a more in-depth experience of how you show up, what your presence and your content is.

From there, you can invite people who are ready to invest in themselves to have a conversation and find out what it is that they need and want and whether you and your services are a good fit to support them at this point in their journey.

All of this can be done in a variety of ways and the magic lies in finding the one that works for both you and your increasingly conscious ideal clients.

Are you clear on your marketing strategy?

Until next time – be magical!

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