The struggle of defining a marketing niche

In today’s Musings on Marketing and Magic I talk about the struggle of defining a marketing niche as a conscious entrepreneur. Many conscious solopreneurs, coaches, and healers I talk to have a hard time deciding on their marketing niche because anyone and everyone can benefit from their professional methods. And I can totally relate – it took me a long time to land on my niche. One of the things I was afraid of was getting bored with just one audience and limiting myself.

Until about two years ago, when I had an “epiphany”: I was hiking in nature, once again trying to decide where to focus and then veering off into the question of “why is it so incredibly difficult to land on my niche?”

Our egoic mind needs a focus – in marketing that is the niche

So, I went into my larger energetic structure and had this sudden clarity that a marketing niche is a way to focus our egoic mind. While our soul’s purpose is usually something very simple, such as “being love,” from that perspective, of course anyone can benefit from our services. No matter if clients want to work with us on health issues, relationship issues, or career and financial issues – of course we can help them!

But, I don’t know about you, when I try to run my marketing activities from this very wide perspective, I completely lack in focus and I either do a lot of random activities or I don’t do anything at all, because I feel scattered and overwhelmed with all of the choices.

A clear niche not only focuses our egoic mind, but that of our clients

This is where ego focus comes in. Even though our soul can hold expansiveness with ease, our egoic mind needs a focus and the declaration of a niche creates this focus in marketing. And not only does our mind need this focus, but everyone we interact with need this clear, precise niche information so they can connect with it and understand how we might help them.

A clearly defined niche makes it easier for you to talk about what you are doing in a way that is meaningful to your potential clients, which means that you talk directly to what it is that they are experiencing and how you can help them with it. There is an aha moment of “oh, I get what you are talking about, that’s exactly what I’m struggling with” that creates an emotional connection that you simply won’t get by talking about your methods or general descriptions such as “I help people feel good.”

Our potential clients are not interested in what methods we use, but rather they are interested in the results that we can help them achieve. They need to emotionally connect to the solution that we are offering in order to move forward with a purchase.

What is your marketing niche that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose?

Until next time – be magical!